Fujitsu FI65F A6 Desktop Document Scanner

Mfr. Part #: PA03595-B001 Our Part #: FI65F
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Intuitive small format scanning

The ultra compact fi-65F from Fujitsu has been especially designed for easy and quick scanning of single, small format documents. With impressive convenience the fi-65F redefines small document scanning within customer facing environments.

Efficient - Scan A6 black and white documents in 1 second, colour documents in 1.7 seconds at 200 dpi

Compact - Small size and flexible usage for hassle free and instant digitisation

Adaptive - Can be optionally powered by USB for further flexibility

Bundled - PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture for high performance and automatic image enhancement

Suits a wide range of applications
The fi-65F is widely suited to a large range of applications particularly those where fast and speedy scanning of personal documents such as a prescription, passport, driving license or identification card is required. This could typically be within a doctor’s surgery, financial institution, airport, hotel, embassy, government office, company reception or police station.

High speed scanning
The fi-65F is able to scan an A6 sized greyscale or black and white document (200 / 300 dpi) in one second, or in colour in just 1.7 seconds at 200 dpi. Coupled with an impressively quick start time, this means that where scanning is done in customer facing environments there is very little delay in processing times.

Compact size, USB powered
The fi-65F is the smallest scanner in its class with a footprint of just 14.5 x 23.4 cm and can be comfortably installed when space is at a premium. Should access to a mains power supply be limited then the scanner can be optionally powered by USB with similar scanning speeds (just 2 seconds for an A6 colour or black and white document at 200 dpi).

Ease of operation and convenience
The operability of the fi-65F is further enhanced with a scan button that can immediately initiate the scan process to pre-defined settings.

Additionally scanning can be done with or without the easily removable cover meaning that a document could be placed on the glass surface, scan button pressed and scanned image stored all in a matter of seconds without any unnecessary effort.

Please Note - This unit can be powered by USB or AC.

EAN # : 4939761303272

Scan Speed - A4 Mono2 Seconds per page
Scan Resolution600 x 600 dpi
Dimensions W x D x H145 x 234 x 40 mm
Weight0.9 Kg
Warranty1 Year
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